ABOUT AIRUI / A professional company that produces automotive exhaust systems

core values

Change yourself, improve your life

To the staff, is to start from the self, continuous innovation, improving mental models, through self change, beyond the self realization, improve their own quality, to create a happy life for the purpose, to make improvements in their lives. For the company, it is necessary to continuously improve the management level, adapt to the requirements of the market environment, and build the core competitiveness, so as to remain invincible in the fierce market competition.

people oriented

IResearch company advocates people-oriented, is to put the staff really as their brothers, the true customer as their god.

Core idea

The company's core concept is a "change" word, the only constant in the world today is change.

Quality concept

  • Customer priority

    To create a professional team to provide first-class customer service, customer-focused philosophy as the core business, mutual assistance, sharing and win-win.

  • Employee as root

    Concerned about the success of each employee, employees as the root, development-oriented, did not forget the beginning of heart, temper forward, and business growth.

  • Innovation is the first

    To technological innovation, management innovation and strategic innovation as the core development, and actively respond to market conditions, improve efficiency and enhance competitiveness.

  • Excellence centered

    Strengthen the building of enterprise culture, promote enterprise, create a good corporate image, build brand and enhance corporate reputation.

Shared vision

Return to nature and return you a world of purity and tranquility

Today's world, it is difficult to find a survival of the pure land. Only in the ice top of Mount Everest can we understand the realm of returning to nature. It is the responsibility of the company to control exhaust pollution and noise. In order to protect the common homeland, he will make every effort to create a "clean and quiet" world for everyone.

Environmental protection and social responsibility will be the eternal theme of the development of the company.

service idea

Exceed customer expectations and repay customers with gratitude

In this era of service competition, the traditional production and quality control is no longer a forever topic, to talent shows itself in the fierce market competition, only relying on the traditional service is hard to meet the needs of customers. Service is the difference between customer expectations and awareness, so your service must exceed customer expectations, and repay customers with gratitude, so that customers are satisfied. Only in this way can we surpass our competitors and achieve success in the end.


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