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The first line of business

Harbin Airui exhaust system Co. Ltd. China muffler manufacturing lines purchased from Shanghai China (mechanical and electrical) equipment limited company, in September 2015 into the factory, is mainly used for the production of Ford IO6 and FAW car muffler B7O projects. The first muffler manufacturing line is mainly composed of a muffler shell button sewing machine, flanging machine, muffler assembly sealing core machine, machine, and equipped with weighing instrument and air tightness testing station. Is a more advanced, mainstream, with a higher level of automation muffler production line. The equipment includes control system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, cooling system and mechanical system. The device adopts MITSUBISHI programmable logic controller (PLC) to complete the action setting, and uses the Japanese GP10 inch man-machine interface to display the production operation flow and the abnormal fault position, and can directly set the parameters. Other components are also internationally renowned brands, such as: Schneider relay, switch, OMRON counter, controller.

The first line of fire system working ability

  • Applicable products

    Round / oval / rectangular muffler and irregular shape

  • Applicable length

    200mm 1000mm

  • Shell material

    Carbon steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum plated sheet and so on

  • Takt Time

    All round production beats <=50 seconds / pieces

  • Applicable thickness

    Single or double deck carbon steel sheet not exceeding 2mm, stainless steel plate not exceeding 16mm

  • Die change

    Each worker can not change the mould for more than 20 minutes at a single time

  • Applicable shape

    b.The long axis of the ellipse does not exceed350mm, Short axis, not low dry80mm

The first line for elimination of existing products section

The first line is the production process of elimination system


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